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    Sources of Environmental Statistics

    Environmental Conditions and Trends

    Environmental Statistics

    Section 102 of the National Environmental Policy Act requires the federal government to gather significant environmental data prior to decisionmaking, and to make information useful in restoring, maintaining, and enhancing the quality of the environment available to States, counties, municipalities, institutions, and individuals. Critical to sound environmental decisionmaking under NEPA is having environmental data available for analysis. This Environmental Statistics site contains the longest running set of consistent environmental data. It contains updated information and provides access to statistical tables and references that formerly appeared in Part III. Environmental Data and Trends, of the Annual Reports of the Council on Environmental Quality.  

    The statistical tables are organized into the eleven sections listed on the left. Within each section, the tables are presented in two formats: you can view individual tables online, or you can download them to your local disk and view offline. Downloadable files are provided in Excel ".xls" format (version 5.0) which can be used by most spreadsheet programs. See How to Use This Site for instructions on viewing and downloading tables. (Statistical tables from previous Annual Reports are also available in PDF format.)  

    The statistical tables are revised and updated and revision dates are printed at the bottom of each table. See our What's New page for a list of updated tables, a description of significant revisions in regular tables, and a list of new tables added to the site. We also provide an Archive of statistical series which have been discontinued, but which may still be of interest to environmental data users.

    The statistical tables are extracted from reports, statistical abstracts, and Internet accessible databases published by government agencies (mainly federal) and nongovernmental organizations. Sources of Environmental Statistics contains links to aid you in locating the data sources as well as other statistical resources. 

    The section entitled, Environmental Conditions and Trends, contains updated information from the last Annual Report. Downloadable charts and graphs are included in this section.

    We hope you find this site useful and will visit often to find current environmental statistics. We welcome your comments and suggestions on how we can continue to improve this service.