Pampatike Nubian Dairy Goats

History of Pampatike Nubians -- I have been breeding purebred Nubian dairy goats for over 20 years. Foundation bloodlines include nationally renowned Split Creek (Evin Evans), Khimaira (Linda Campbell), and Kismet (Jean Lucas). Pampatike Nubians are large, "old style" deep-bodied dairy goats which excel in high production, extended lactations, and strong type. Pampatike Nubians are CL, Johnnes, and CAEV free. Kids are raised separately from adults, using CAEV and coccidia prevention methods. All of the goats are disbudded and vaccinated. The herd is closed. No outside breeding to our studs is offered.

The goats are pastured year round and range freely over 400 acres of organic grassland and woodlands, protected at all times by faithful Great Pyrenees. The goats are housed in spacious, clean barns. Pampatike Nubians are sold domestically to individuals and dairies, and are exported around the world. Many buyers (both domestic and foreign) are repeat customers!

In 2014, we exported 86 Pampatike does to the Kingdom of Bahrain for a new state-of-the art organic dairy. Here's a picture of our girls in their new facility in Bahrain. And their milk is now on the shelves :)

does in bahrain

Need Winter Milk? For the past several years, I have been freshening does in November-December to provide myself and others with a fresh supply of winter milk. Winter milk is very desirable for families who otherwise dry-up their does in late autumn and for commercial dairies who need year-round supply of goats milk. I do not use hormones or lights to stimulate out-of-season estris in spring; just a good young buck!!

To Reserve Your Goat(s). I am now accepting reservations for 2015 doelings. Price: $500. A deposit is required. Pet quality and neutered companion goats for horses, etc. normally are also available but this year, all neutered males are already spoken for.