Eggs From Free - Ranging Chickens

Pampatike Organic Farm

King William, Virginia


Pampatike chickens range freely over pastures, hayfields, and woodlands on our 400-acre organic farm (formerly certified, but still practicing organic management), protected by the same Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs that protect the dairy goats. Being free to range, the chickens consume an abundance of vegetation and insects, helping to control weeds and insect pests and helping to produce incredibly tasty, nutrient dense, natural food. To ensure a balanced diet, the chickens receive freshwater daily from a deep artesian aquifer and a small ration of scratch grains and oyster shell. The sights and sounds of happy hens entertain us from sunrise to sunset. Come see them taking a "dust bath" (a natural de-licer which eliminates the need to use pest control). The environment at Pampatike fosters a long, natural, productive life for the hens and roosters.

Pampatike eggs are fertile and absolutely free of pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones, stimulates, or other chemical residues. The chickens lay large brown eggs in straw-lined nest boxes located in barns throughout the farmstead. The eggs are hand-collected, inspected, cleaned, hand-packed, and refrigerated daily to ensure freshness. Egg cartons are made of recycled paper. We encourage customers to recycle cartons back to us for refills.

Price: $4.00 per dozen (in recycled carton)

Pampatike eggs are also sold at Ashland Farmers Markets. See for market details.


Carroll Curtis & Brian Sinclair

Pampatike Organic Farm

King William, Virginia 23086 USA