Here are some pictures from Pampatike after the snow storm of February 5-6, 2010 which added another 8-10 inches to what was still on the ground from the 12-inch accumulation in January.

100+ year old Feed Storage Barn (right) & Tool Shop (left)

Feed Barn and Shop

Baby Goat Barn (foreground, looking south); old, 2-story mule barn / hay storage / milk parlor (background, down the hill)

Baby Barn

Old 2-Story Mule Barn / Hay Storage / Milk Parlor

mule barn

New Hay Barn (looking NE)

New Hay Barn

The Old Farm House

Old Farm House

November 2009 Kids Coming Out to Eat Hay


Does at Fence Line Hay Feeders (Ozelle @ 12 years of age in front)

hay feeding

Chickens & Guineas Outside the Coop

chickens in snow

My Wonderful, Industrious Honey Bees (on vacation with sugar syrup supplement)