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Purchased from the Queen of the Pamunkeys in the late 1600s, Pampatike bears the Native American place name for the land before it was settled by Europeans. Pampatike originally consisted of 1,000 acres of uplands and wetlands bounded by a broad sweep of the freshwater tidal Pamunkey River, in central King William County, Virginia. The original plantation house (circa 1776) burned down after the Civil War. The present-day farmhouse, a central-hall colonial, was built on the original foundation in 1880. Several nineteenth century and early twentieth century barns remain and are conserved for current use.

Today, Pampatike Organic Farm is a historically recognized farm consisting of 117 acres. The land (45 acres of pasture, 70 acres of mixed woodlands, 2-acre farmstead, and quarter-acre market garden) was converted to organic farmland for sustainable agriculture and wildlife preservation in 1987. A perpetual Conservation Easement covering the entire 117 acres was donated to the Virginia Outdoors Foundation in 1990. The farm was certified organic for 6 years and is currently "Certified Naturally Grown" (a non-profit, grass-roots certification alternative to the USDA government program). Pampatike Organic Farm raises dairy goats, free-range chickens, ducks, geese and guinea fowl, honey bees, market vegetables, and organic hay. The animals graze lush grass pastures year-round, surrounded by thousands of acres of open space in woodlands and cropland. Other farm friends include a few barn cats, 4 trusted Great Pyrenees (Beth, Roux, Clair, and Grace) who protect the livestock and poultry from predators, and my beloved Rottweiller, Nyssa, who protects the farmstead.

We hope you find this site interesting and will visit often to find out what's happening on the farm. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome!

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